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Saturday 3 July 2010

Bob Dylan and marinating in a conductive lifestyle

"A secret garden in Norwich" by Susie Mallett, 2006

What happened to his voice?

In the 2-8th July edition of the Guardian Weekly Notes and Queries has printed a few answers to the question that I wrote about recently: "What happened to Bob Dylan's voice?".

The best answer in my opinion came from someone writing from Australia, who tells readers: "That after a lifetime marinating in music it just gets better".

Read this and the rest of the answers at:

As Andrew Sutton so rightly commented my original quote from Dylan was not specifically conductive, but pedagogic.
I do however believe that I really can relate this answer from down-under to my own experiences of conductive education.

After a life time marinating in a conductive lifestyle and half a lifetime marinating in Conductive Pedagogy I believe that my life just gets better too, like Dylan's voice! I hope that my clients can say the same. Marinating in a conductive lifestyle, that is exactly what we do!

Isn't it?

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Times they are a changin' -


I am just off to a friend's wedding where I will do a little bit more marinating in life, let's see what time will be changing and transforming!

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