My visitors today

Saturday 29 November 2008

Stinky Stig from St Johannis it is.

First advent weekend in Nürnberg, November 29th 2008

His passport is printed and he is in the suitcase, all his insides have been removed and he is now stuffed with lots of warm socks and thermal vests. Minus 3-10 is forecast for Hamar next week but as it is minus one here today the thermal clothes are already in use. Once it gets below zero it is just very cold, and there is a limit to how much you can put on and still be able to move. Lots of layers needed, all stuffed inside Stinky Stig.
I will post reports on how Stinky Stig got on during his first trip abroad!

My camera all its cables are packed so please excuse me for not photographing Stig with all his legs sewn on, sitting in the suitcase!

Thanks to Gill and Andrew for the name-giving.

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