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Thursday 20 November 2008

En-to-tre-fire-fem .......Wild about dinos!

Despite the Angst over not speaking a word of Norwegian and the fact that I will have six very active little boys in my group I am actually looking forward to my trip to work in Norway from the first of December.

A few months ago I mentioned a wonderful book on my blog about dinosaurs and their love of underpants!

It was my plan to use this book as a teaching aid for two young German boys who are learning English. This work unfortunately got cancelled and the book put on the shelf for a rainy day.
Now the book is already in my suitcase, this lovely project will take place after all but now it will be with six Norwegian boys. I am planning it on a much larger scale this time and hope to talk, walk, paint and create around the theme of dinosaurs for three weeks! Hopefully we will transform our work space into the bygone world of Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops and Velociraptors.

I met the organisers of Norsk Forum for Konduktiv Pedagogik when I was in Budapest and made the odd request that they invite the children in the group to bring their favourite dinosaurs with them. Let’s hope they don’t arrive in truck loads as I have heard that food is expensive in Norway and a room full of dinosaurs will take a lot of feeding!

Yesterday I thought I should read up on dinos so I will be able to answer any questions that get thrown at me and I also needed a few more realistic pictures to do some preparatory drawings from. There is a wonderful set of children’s books in Germany called Was ist Was and I went round the corner to the lovely little bookshop there, with the intention of buying Band 15, the one all about dinosaurs. They had it and I bought it but that wasn’t all they had and not all I bought. Being a book fan I just had to buy the second book too it was irresistible as you may be able to see from the photographs heading this blog.

The book called Encyclopaedia Prehistorica, says that it is the ultimate pop-up book and that’s exactly what it is.

It says that it is a pop-up book but a book with more pop-ups on one page I have never seen. It should be called a pop-up, pull-out and pop-up again book. As well as the main figure there are up to four smaller envelopes in each corner to open, and some of these have two layers of pop-ups. It is absolutely amazing and lots of fun.If this doesn’t help me to overcome the language barrier and get these children wild about dinos then I don’t know what will. Of course I will be letting you all know.


En-to-tre-fire-fem - Norwegian for one-two-three-four-five

Dinosaurs love underpants

Band 15, Dinosaurs
ISBN 978-3-7886-0255-0 ,

Encyclopaedia Prehistorica by Robert Sabuda and Mathew Reinhart ISBN 978-3-7891-4735-7, Oetinger

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