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Tuesday 18 November 2008

All I want for Christmas is…

Come on in, the water's lovely! Norwich, 1962 hundred blogs!

And with 36 writing days left till Christmas I might just make it.

Yesterday I was just publishing my most recent posting, on tin toys, and realised I might reach a hundred postings by Christmas.

It is hard to believe that since I started in March this year, when I didn’t even know I could write and had no idea what I would be writing about, I have published 88 postings on my blog, along with just as many photos and paintings.

It all started with the following on March 7th 2008:

The little black dress.

A blog should most certainly be inserted into the list of the 10 most important things a woman should have, alongside the cordless drill and the little black dress.I have just received this Blog as a present and I look forward to seeing how it evolves.Will it become an art gallery, a poetry book, a bike maintenance workshop, a conductive education forum or even my autobiography?I can imagine something from them all and more, but we will see. In the meantime thank you very much for this amazing present

The pink bits in the atlas may be long gone, but I am collecting purple spots!

When I think of all the things that I imagined my blog could become in that first short posting, the only one that I still haven’t touched upon is the bike maintenance workshop. That could still come, as today I noticed that I may be needing some advice on what to do with the very modern disc brakes that are making odd rubbing noises! There is surely someone out there among my regular readers, from England, Brazil, Budapest, Calgary, Israel, one even in Nürnberg, and recently, the for me more exotic locations, Dallas, San Jose, Hong Kong and Winnipeg, who will be willing to impart advice.

The reason I find some locations more exotic than others is probably because I do not know who those readers could be. Some I can guess, as I know people who live in the towns or countries listed, some being fellow bloggers like Gill, Leticia, Norman, Laci, Judit, Jerry and Andrew. Some of these people I have met face to face and the others I would love to meet.

Being a seasoned traveller I am sure that one day, if I haven’t done so already, I will visit the countries on my map with a purple spot, so watch out Leticia, next stop Brazil, after Norway that is, where I shall be in December.

I would never in a million years have imagined that after such a short time I would have written so much, enough in fact to even be considering publishing a small collection of my postings as a book.

My life has completely changed this year, not only through my blog, but the blog has helped. It has put be back in touch with the big conductive world and I have discovered that not only can I write but that I love doing it.
Going back to that first purple posting of mine, why not give blogging a try, it is very time consuming but fun, give it a try. As the picture at the top of the posting says "Come on in, the water is lovely!"

Some of my purple spotters

"Come on in, the water's lovely".
Thats me, far left, sister on the right, with two friends in our back garden.

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