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Sunday 23 November 2008

Don’t be afraid to take the plunge

Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia by Susie Mallett, January 1988

I was going to write a poetry posting today in between watching the snow, doing household chores and drawing dinosaurs, but I got on a different track, one which is just as much fun as drawing dinosaurs and writing my own blog, I was posting comments on someone else’s blog. This time last year I would never have imagined I would be airing my views so publicly. Having a blog of my own does wonders for my self confidence.
Today I was commenting on Andrew Sutton’s posting about mentoring in Conductive Education. It is developing into an interesting discussion and if anyone out there reading doesn’t feel they have the time or the inclination to start their own blog they can also come in and test the water (, by writing comments on someone else’s.
I just had a look to see what other people say about mentoring and I came up with these two references

Mentor – a shrewd companion
and the following longer definition which I quite like the sound of –
Mentoring is the guidance and support of one individual by another within a personal relationship developed over a period of time. Mentors act as friendly advisors who listen well, question skilfully and gently challenge assumptions. Successful mentoring relationships are built on mutual respect and trust, where the mentor encourages the mentee to accept responsibility for their own personal development. “

To read my comments on mentoring and those of others you need to change channels to -

It’s quite warm in the shallows

Placing comments really is a good alternative to setting up your own blog, it gives you a chance to have a paddle, even come in up to your knees, before taking the plunge and having your own fully fledged blogspot.

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