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Wednesday 23 March 2011

Living conductively with MS

"A few flowers springing up on the balcony"

As you can read in the link below, Susie Cornell was the first adults from Britain to attend the Petö Intstitute.

In the eighteen months that I spent in the adult’s department in Budapest there were more clients from overseas with MS than in the other groups. These clients also talked about how an active conductive lifestyle changed their lives and improved their health. None of them went on to do the work and exploration that Susie Cornell has done, and is still doing, but for many it was a step back into the world that they thought they had left forever.

I have been working with people with MS for twenty years now. From my experience the greatest changes that I have seen in the lives of these clients have come about when they have developed a lifestyle that included balanced exercising and have paid great attention to the food that they eat and its influences on their body. These clients find a balance of soul and body that AP talks about so much in his writings. They enjoy active living while at the same time avoiding strain on the body and extreme exhaustion, but always trying to reach new targets. They consult different specialists, people like Susie Cornell perhaps, who can advise on the foods needed to restore the balance in the body, and recommend other means of achieving the necessary balance.

It was very interesting to read again of the work of Susie Cornell, I will be passing the link on to my clients and of course helping them with translations.

Susie Cornell:

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