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Sunday 14 November 2010

Lest we forget

"Poppies" by K.L.Mallett

I am taking the time at just after eleven to post this painting by my Dad.

Taking a couple of minutes to take a deep breath and have a few quiet moments before getting on again.

It is a busy time, as I expect it is for all, especially for Hong Kong-goers. A time for preparing for the Congress and preparing whatever it is that we leave behind, hoping to have all in good order so that everything runs smoothly without us!

It is a time with more hours working than is really good for me, with a poster finished and about to be collected from the printers, and with a little book still in its final stages of editing. This weekend was also the time of the year for Germany's own "conductive congress", this year in Würzburg. I had hoped to report on it in situ but I have not managed it. More perhaps later this evening when I get back from the third, but probably not the last, "book-fitting".

So I am taking a short break with this picture by my special Dad. A painting of poppies that are rather like those in the fields in Flanders. I am sitting back, taking a deep breath, thinking about a few special people and places. Watching a nice film in my head of special times and of my hopes and dreams for the future.

I am certain that my book-editing will be much easier after these few peaceful minutes and that the world will look less busy. I will take myself back into the slow lane where I prefer to be, taking things at my own speed and not being influenced by the lives that I feel are whizzing past me at top speed.

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