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Saturday 27 November 2010

A book

"A sofa full of books" 27th November 2010 by Susie Mallett!!

The first book in a series of I-do-not-know how many

The working days have been long, both with the clients and without them. We have been busy after the groups so that my new colleague is confident enough to carry on with all, yes all, our groups and individual clients while we are in Hong Kong.

I have negelcted my bike, it is wrapped up in the courtyard behind the house. As it is snowy and rainy, and as I have been travelling, for want seems like months now, between work and the book designer's and to other appointments and home, it has been easier, and warmer, on the tram.

Now it is all over

The preparation for Hong Kong is all over, thats all!

Well just about all over. I have four more days at work and a trip to the dentist and the hairdresser to fit in before I jump on the plane, but the writing and the correcting and the searching for an extra page or an extra photo is all finished. The poster and the book have taken up every spare hour since my summer holiday!

Am I really an author as well as an artist?

I took delivery, when I got back from work yesterday evening, of my first publication. I am just off to the post to sent the first copy to my Dad who has sponsored the production! Thanks to him and my co-designer Uli there is a pile of boxes occupying my sofa containing hundreds of little books. It is quite amazing really to think that they are mine.

There is a whole bunch of people who have also contributed to this production, but most important of course are my clients who are the ones who give me something to write about!

It was actually a bit of an anti-climax when I go the book. The same kind of feeling when an exhibition of paintings has been hung. I have found the excitement with my book just the same as with painting, it comes with the doing. Perhaps the excitement will return when I press the first copy into someone's hands.

Now I have three boxes of small booklets on the sofa awaiting distribution!

So it is not all over at all

It is only just beginning. I have to start distributing and my co-designer made it clear last night that she will be waiting eagerly for the material to go into Book Two after christmas.

Watch this spot to find out more.


Judit Szathmáry said...

Congratulations for your first published book! I would love to read it. Have a safe trip to Hong Kong and have an enjoyable time.

Susie Mallett said...

Thank you Judit,

I will get a copy in the post to you as soon as I work out the distribution logistics and costs.

It will all be posted on my blog as soon as I get the details sorted out.

I am really happy that you are my first potential reader!

I wish you a peaceful first Advent Sunday


Gill said...

Glad its all done and dusted, Susie and I will look forward to seeing it at the weekend!

Kasey Gray said...

Hi Susie,

I'm with Judit...would love to read it!

Safe travels! Wish we could meet in Hong Kong.


Andrew said...

Not just an author, a publisher already.

Next, a bookseller...


Susie Mallett said...

Thank you all.

I have had a day off enjoying the snow and posting books! Now I have to get down to sorting out how copies can be purchased.

You know it was much easier writing this book than it was getting it to my sofa, and now I have to work out how to get my sofa to myself again!

Do not fret I will be quick about it.