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Sunday 7 November 2010

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"Those misty November days are here", by Susie Mallett
6th November 2010

Blogging for the deaf and hard of hearing!

It is always interesting for me to discover something new in the world of blogging.

Blogging and developments from blogging are taking up much of my time these past few weeks, which means that I am left with very little time for the actual physical process of doing it.

Sunday breakfast

The Guardian Weekly did not arrive on Saturday as it usually does (is there a postal strike in the UK?) So this morning, instead of reading Nature Watch and puzzling over the crossword at breakfast, I spent a few minutes looking at this :

and then I found this among other “postings” on the original site:

I smiled quite a bit more at breakfast time than I usually do, when I am joined by Guardian Weekly!

All this had come my way through a Google Alert that told me that it was sending me to a site where there was something about Conductive Education, even though it was headed “codabrothers”.

I usually send any Google Alerts that come my way straight on to Gill Maguire, but this one I am glad to say I opened up. I found it very interesting because of my involvement at the moment in developing ways of providing information through the Blogosphere and other means.

Maybe others will find it interesting too, even useful.

The “codabrothers” are Children Of Deaf Adults. They have both made careers in education and interpreting, media services and more, for the hearing impaired and deaf. Read more about them and there work here:

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