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Sunday 10 October 2010

Wandering all day

The way for wandering with knapsacks in the autumn sun

Lunch, mine

Lunch, theirs not mine

Behringersmühle to Engelhardsberg and back


Yet more knapsacks

Not really lost!
Just the men enjoying googling on ipod belonging to the technical toy fanatic amongst us

All photos by Susie Mallett, 10.10.10

With knapsack and sunshine on our backs, and lots of lovely people beside us

I have not got much to say about the day that the photographs above do not say, except that there was warmth in the sun, warmth in the gorgeous colours and warmth in the souls of the people I spend the day with. We meet once a year in this combination, give or take one or two, and always enjoy everything about the whole day.

We walked about ten kilometres, we had lunch in an old farmhouse and we had coffee in a huge cafe by the river. We swapped company continuously while walking, this meant that lots of interesting exchanges took place. Depending on the width of the path we had chats two-by-two or or sometimes six-a-breast

I fed my soul with the colours of autumn and with the nearness to people and I relished the moments alone taking some lovely photographs. I did not feed my body with the huge lumps of meat (Schaufele mit Klöse) on the photographs, I had a vegetable bake, leeks, potatoes, carrots and red onions from the local farm. All topped with cheese and a salad so fresh it was almost still in the field.


The Happy Wanderer-


Gillian Maguire said...

What lovely photos and what a beautiful place - I wish I had been there!

Susie Mallett said...

Gill, it would have been lovely to have been walking with you there.

I am sure that we will find nice places to visit and photograph while we are in Hong Kong!