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Thursday 28 October 2010

Thank you, Elliot

Connecting on the Net

Last week I was working on Skype with a client who asked me about where we could find contacts in the UK to help provide information about use of computers when you become disabled.

I have written on an earlier a posting that I have someone locally to help us with this but I know of no one in England.

I got on to the airwaves and, in no time at all, one of my emails came back with an answer.

Thanks to Elliot Clifton my client can begin researchng into what is available for her in the future. What a difficult thing that must be to do, so very brave and forward-looking.

Than you Elliot for this URL:

If any readers have further information to share on equipment available, or software, that makes computer use with a disability easier, please let me know.

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