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Monday 11 October 2010

Going home

"One very happy conductor"

"Getting stuck in"

"Scrubbing up"

"Now let us see, how are we doing to solve this one?"

"Test run"

"Helping hands" above and below

"Finishing touches"

Curtain call

"Going home"

"Tricky negotiations"

"Walking tall"

"And in the boot he goes!"

"All's well, even time for a chat on the corner with Jolly Prof's mum"

Several weeks of work

Several days of fun

Several new experiences, I will let the photographs tell the story.

Both of my littlies, the Jolly Prof and Little Princess organised the transport and on Friday afternoon they took their papier maché creations home, alone!

I am sorry about the order of the photographs, Blogger refused to let me delete and start again.


Going home - Antonin Dvorák, Symphony 9, from the New World,

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