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Wednesday 9 December 2009

Spina bifida continued

Heiliggeistspittal from Museenbrucke, Nürnberg

It is amazing how just one Google Alert can take up so much time and provide so much information, and link up so many people who were just looking for the chance to be linked up.
I got a Google Alert today for this:

It is a website "group" for parents of children born with spina bifida. They have realised they have been spotted.

After I had checked it out, I registered with ease and then, I hope, explained away the some of the weirdness for them, I linked up to a few of the other sites mentioned, to see what I could discover. I then returned to the original site where I discovered that Kasey Grey the “American conductor” had also been alerted to the Baby Centre site and and was offering the mums the benefit of her knowledge on spina bifida and provision of CE in the USA.

A small world!
Two conductors on one site in the space of a few minutes! I don’t know about the mums but Kasey and I were thrilled to meet each other there!

Andrew Sutton has posted on his blog that he has noticed that there are a lot of dots on his map today from North America. I suspect that it could be that this group of mums from Baby Centre is checking out the weirdness of cyberspace.
American conductor -

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