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Thursday 10 December 2009

Forging links across the Atlantic

"Oh, the big ship sails...", by Susie Mallett

Working alone

This subject comes up quite often amongst conductors. It is sometimes very hard to work in isolation. I have done it often over the years, though luckily at the moment I regularly have a real live conductor colleague, or even two. This makes life much happier for everyone, clients and conductors.

Thanks to technology I now have many conductor “colleagues” in Cyberspace, which adds to the contentment, giving us all the feeling of not really working alone. I even get to meet some of them personally, an added bonus.


Today there is something new to see from the Cyberspace Zusammenarbeit.

After all the recent blog postings about spina bifida, which ended up yesterday with Kasey Gray and myself landing on the same “Babycentre” website , we decided to take a bite of the carrot that Andrew was had dangled in front of us on his blog a few days ago. We set up a group:

It is called "Spina bifida and Conductive Education" and its manifesto is:

This is a group for everybody who would like to see the benefits of Conductive Education extended and developed for children and adults with spina bifida, their families and their carers, wherever they may be.

Here you can share experience, ask questions, offer information and advice on CONDUCTIVE UPBRINGING at home and CONDUCTIVE PEDAGOGY however it might be applied.

The group welcomes the experiences and expertise of ANYONE who lives with spina bifida and everyone who wishes to help in a conductive manner.

Write in English, or in any language that you feel comfortable with.

Kasey explains how to join, on her blog.

I have borrowed her instructions to post here, as she is the technical expert in the team! I thank goodness for the younger ones amongst us. As one of the older ones, I have still managed to insert a direct link under "Conductive Groups" on the right-hand side of my blog. Once there follow Kasey’s instructions:

Anyone can join -- Go to the right side of the page and click "Join this Group" and you will be directed to create a Google account. You can use your current email address to join.

Anyone can post, after they have joined -- Click on "Discussions" then "+ new post". Or add your comments to an existing discussion.

Please join us, and tell us your experience of Spina Bifida and Conductive Education.

Just the right medicine

I have been ill-a-bed-and-wos-up for three days but now on the mend and back to work tomorrow. I was so happy to spend some of my getting-back-to-normal hours this afternoon setting up this group with Kasey.

Thank you, Kasey, for doing a lot of the hard work, it has been a real pleasure working with you. Isn't it wonderful that in Cyberspace we don’t need to get all those different coloured permits, visas and police checks to cross the Atlantic to work!

I look forward to seeing what happens in the new group. Perhaps it is the first of many such projects.

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