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Thursday 31 December 2009

Paraprofessionals: the missing ingredient

Father with daughter, 1960

A further thought has occured to me

When I read in Andrew’s posting about applying the same list of questions to a multi-disciplinary, cross-disciplinary or trans-disciplinary team, I thought that this is not the same thing going on here. In these teams there are different paid professionals whose methods may differ, but they are all applying a method.

I have understood from Andrew’s posting paraprofessionals to mean au-pairs, child minders or nannyies with little or no therapy or educational training.

I think it is possible that the "paraprofessionals" being referred to here do indeed have less "method" when working within a CE setting than parents.

The most important thing that I think that will be lacking in paraprofessionals, be it childminders or nannies, is what parents who bring their kids to Conductive Education will have just discovered or rediscovered ...


I wish all my readers, all over the world, lots of HOPE in 2010.

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