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Saturday 31 October 2009

Status Quo

" The Wanderer", off to Australia in November 1987, with niece and Dad at Norwich railway station

They are playing in Bamberg tonight!

My all-time-favourite British rock band, Status Quo, playing just up the road without me!

I had an invitation to join friends at the arena but my own status quo is, as my Mum would say, “ill-a-bed-and-wos-up?”

The children’s coughs and sniffles got me just in time for the weekend and I hope that, having stayed in bed for most of the day, I have beaten the bug!

I am determined to get on with my backlog of blogging now, with Rocking all over the World, Whatever you want and the Wanderer, as “gentle” background music.

Click below to enjoy it too.


Wanderer -

Rocking all over the World -

Whatever you want -

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