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Saturday 24 October 2009

My Conductive Education

"A little bit of home", by Susie Mallett, 2008

It is my Conductive Education

My own Conductive Education is where it is today because I have fought incredibly hard to remain self-employed, and have therefore been able to decide for myself how I work, and I have worked for a chariity that allows conductors to run the show.
I hibernated hibernated like this for years, just getting on with it, avoiding the influences of the rest of the big wide world, with its endless round of discussion, congresses, money-wasting, getting nowhere fast. I have quietly refused to be a training ground for PTKs and my boss has respected this.
Mainly, my Conductive Education is where it is today because I decide for myself what I do and have rarely been influenced in my choices by anyone other than other conductors (which does not always mean positviely).

What has helped to shape its ends?


...and my clients and a few special people, some of them conductors, one of them my Mum.

What it has become today?

It is a development of all my skills and experiences, and it is good, and it works.

Where is it going now?

Hopefully into day centres for retired folk, and a farm for those who don't what to be confined in small places.
And into working in schools, without a word said about 'inclusion'.
Filling still more days with happy souls and fun.

My CE, where should it go in the future?

Perhaps I should keep on blogging, perhaps with enabling me reach more people and encourage more conductors in doing what their hearts tell them is right, not what some unknowing manager tells them is right.


These thoughts were written down very spontaneously in response to some questions that Andrew Sutton wrote on his blog yesterday -

They were at first just scribbled notes, for my eyes only, but I this morning I have decided to share them.

Looking back at my answers, they do rather look like a sort of testament.

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