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Tuesday 13 October 2009

I could smell the snow coming all day

There was a strange light in the room as my evening group were
arriving so I went outside to investigate why.
This is what I saw:

Then seconds later it turned into this:

......and then it snowed!
I knew it would I had smelt it coming all day.

I called indoors to ask the last person to arrive whether she was still in her wheelchair as there was a wonderful rainbow to see. No one was still sitting, they were all walking with sticks or in the bars ready and waiting for work to begin, but quick as a flash they were in their chairs and back out through the door to see this spectacle. I am sorry I didn't photograph their lit up faces.

We started the group late but we had fed our souls and already done the best work of the evening ... a fifty metre dash to the end of the rainbow.


Laszlo said...

Where is it Susie? Nurnberg?

Susie Mallett said...

Yes Laci,
I am in Nürnberg, although today I was wondering myself if I had got on the right plane last weekend.

It was three weeks yesterday that I last cycled to work before my holiday and as it was almost 30 degrees Celcius I was wearing a T-shirt and shorts.

Today I cycled to work in minus two Celcius and cylced home just a few minutes ago in the snow, about two degrees warmer than this morning.

It was real snow, proper flakes that hang on the eyelids and make the cheeks tingly.

I am determined not to put the bike in the cellar before December but if I don't find a pair of gloves to keep out the cold I will have to give in.
My hands took a long time to thaw out this morning, they already look like chilblanes may be forming. The rest of me, packed up in the thermal gear that I dug out last night, was as warm as toast.

I am appreciating, even more now that winter has set in, the gorgeous English Indian-Summer autumn holiday that I just had.