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Wednesday 9 September 2009

I still like life in the slow lane

"Sailing by"
I have just read Andrew Sutton’s latest posting on research and I still haven't got any further than opening up the first of the links there, to a really good medical website called "Life in the fast lane".

Life in the fast lane

After I had read the particular posting there that Andrew has refered to, I explored a bit more and found an article about multiple sclerosis:

This article sent me searching even deeper and I ended up on another excellent, website that of Professor Jelenik:

Below I have printed the sections of the “Life in the fast lane” article that had encouraged me on towards Professor Jelenik's site.

Living at an easier pace

"We subject our bodies to physical, emotional and mental stress every day – with the hours we work; the targets we set; our fear of failure and ultimately we compound this critical situation by lifestyle choices we make to help ‘relieve the stress’…This noxious and precipitous combination increases our chances of developing significant physical and mental illness – unless we take time to smell the roses and recognize the early warning systems our body has in place…

Professor Jelinek demonstrates that MS is a disease largely determined by lifestyle matters and that people with MS who modify their diet, exercise habits, and other aspects of lifestyle can stabilise the illness, and potentially recover. Professor Jelinek’s experience with his mother’s death from MS, and his own diagnosis in 1999, lend an urgency and compassion to this meticulous work. Endorsed by leading experts in the field, this book will change the way MS is managed.

The book is due for general release by will be released by Allen and Unwin on 1 February 2010. You can follow the progress of the book, read current articles and join the forums at Prof Jelineks website – "

Moving on Professor Jelenik’s website, I found many interesting articles to read on , here are just a couple, for starters:

Professor Jelineck is based in Australia and New Zealand.


Andrew Sutton's posting -

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