My visitors today

Wednesday 9 September 2009

It is the most beautiful of autumnal mornings imaginable

"Dragonfly" , 2008, by Susie Mallett

...and a very small world!

It is the first such morning this year that, despite the sun shining mistily through the cobwebs, a cosy sweater is needed. The colours are beginning to turn hazy, but not yet yellowing, and the sun is lower than has been usual for this time of the day.

I feel like I am missing out.

I am not on my bike!
I wonder whether there will be many more days this year when I shill be able to enjoy riding my bike wearing shorts and without warm gloves and scarves. More days when I can trundle along and enjoy the scenary, and not have to hurry along trying to get warm.

The bike isn't here for the very special reason that I am receiving a visitor this morning at work, and I will be travelling home with her this evening by bus and tram.

There are two advantages that I can think of for not being on my bike on such a glorious morning, apart from the visit. I get thirty minutes to write or to read and I get to ride on a tram!

With the writing just about finished I can get on with a browse through the as yet unread free Sunday newspaper, and at the same time enjoy the soothing, rocking sensation of the tram. Both welcome treats.

The actual reading was less sucessful than the writing, as I had begun thinking excitedly of my visitor who would be here in just a few hours.

I was awaiting the arrival of a conductor from Canada who had decided to interupt her holiday to the UK for a few days to visit me and my conductive groups before continuing her travels, going on to meet my NICE angels in Hamar, Norway.

Sometimes I just love the smallness of the world of Conductive Education.

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