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Thursday 20 August 2009

Still waiting patiently for the world at one

The world is still at one

If anyone has tried to link with the German TV programme I mentioned yesterday they, like me, would have been disappointed.
I have just received the around-Germany email from Wolfgang Vogt which informs us all that the Bavarian Television Company gave out the wrong information and the item on Würzburg's Summer-camp and Conductive Education will be aired on ARD tomorrow (Friday 21st August, 2009) on the same midday news show (13.00 in Germany).

I am glad about that as work prevented me from watching it today although I realised later when I checked the internet site that I hadn't missed anything.

I hope my work will go according to plan tomorrow and I will get to see the programme live.

If all goes well I will be blogging my reations to the promised news item here tomorrow.

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