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Tuesday 18 August 2009

Playing "Memory"

"Miss Flower Lips and Co"

Yes, as he so proudly says himself, my client has learnt a lot in just two days, but something we still haven't solved is the playing-memory problem. But we are working on it.

For years we have played memory, we have about ten different sets that we have created for ourselves, together with his siblings. They include sets that depict flags, people with different professions, food, seasons, festivals and faces. My client always looses at this game but never complains, although today he commented on it for the first time and wondered why it was.

I have often wondered why this is the case and have never found the answer. Now we are working on it together, we have been talking about all the tricks that there are for doing well at memory.
We are trying to discover which of these he has to learn to fair better. To assist us I have a lovely new Memory, not home-made this time but bought at the Neues Museum in Nürnberg, with lots of interesting arty faces.
To make the game more interesting and to allow the children and adults time to look at the pictures and remember them, we give all these arty faces a name, and sometimes even a personality. Today we had some crazy names, including Mr Nut, Miss Sleepy Head, Senora Martini, Grandpa Berni, the Crazy Professor and his brother, Madam French and Miss Flower Lips.

We hope that we will find our solutions by having fun with this game over the next few days.

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