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Saturday 29 August 2009

Just one question, Ági: "Do we know each other?"

"Today's afters for at least ten!", Schwäbische Hall, August 2009

While sitting on the ICE train last night, unusually just longing for the journey to end so that I could be at home in my flat, I was pondering and planning my next blog posting, in between dozing and reading a wonderful book.

I decided that a comment written on 27th August on my posting " Today's starter for ten" was much too good to be buried in the depths of my blog and be lost there. It needed to be up here on the front page to be shared with as many people as possible.

This comment came about because in the last paragraph of my above-mentioned posting. I invited anyone with an idea to chip in.

What do we need to know?

I had asked:

How about hearing other conductor-client suggestions for the "What a conductor needs to know" list!

The only person who has sent in a list of their own is Ági. Her remarks really do replicate the list that I had formed with my client this week and I really do feel the need to share them with a wider audience.

So here on my blog with a big thank you is Ági's comment, followed by my answer.

Thank you

Ági wrote:

Susie, hi

What an interesting topic. I wish I had my 'green book' with me to look up what it says.

All I can remember that when I pulled 'the conductor' topic during CE verbal exam with Mrs Beck, it felt like describing a superhuman..:-)

What I have learnt, that I need to know is how to be open, intuitive and accepting toward others and myself.

To see and act according to my values, rather than learnt knowledge only.

I have learnt that

-there is no rule, only a guideline

-there is no bad idea, only a bad attitude

-there is no conductive equipment, only lack of resourcefulness

-there is no laziness, only lack of motivation

-there is no useless attempt, only a missed opportunity

-there is no right or wrong, only learning experience

Does anybody feel the same way?

My reply:

Thanks for this, Ági

Your wonderful list is almost a copy of the list that I have but which circumstances this week have prevented me from posting.

Thanks for doing it for me.

I totally agree with each and every point you make, but especially this one: "there is no conductive equipment, only lack of resourcefulness".

I will publish a posting, hopefully tonight, with which I will illustrate this.

One of the qualities that a 19-year-old client suggested yesterday was bravery! I thought that this was very observant of him.

The important qualities of my day so far are communication skills, inner strength, a healthy soul, spontaneity and very quick thinking.

Just one question Ági: "Do we know each other?"




Agi said...

Does it really matter who writes a comment, as long as it makes others think..? I believe,(and you've proved it) that thoughts are 'energy balls' and they get to everyone who has the same poles and able to attract them. It is only an unimportant detail who says them or writes them down. So, please let's keep it this way.
If you are back to the UK, I would love to meet you somewhere. We could find a nice tea house in Norfolk, or have a coffee in the more and more 'continental' London.
with a big smile on my face,

Susie Mallett said...


See you soon I hope for either Norfolk's country tea or London's continental coffee.