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Tuesday 18 August 2009

"Calling conductor Kasey"

"A natural watercolour painting" 17th August 2009

This was the title of a blog posting back in January 2009 when I was trying to trace Kasey and discover who the unknown dot on my map belonged to and who was the occasional writer-of-comments on my blog.

She responded immediately and it now feels like Kasey Gray has been around in the blogosphere forever.

She continues to post comments, I have tried to search for the lost Petö Proverb for her via my blog, but it is still awol. I have even posted something for her on my blog.

Now I am thrilled at last to be able to get to know her even better by reading her own newly created blog.

Welcome to the crazy and small world of conductive blogging Kasey, it is lovely to have you here. I look forward to your postings very much and to finding out about Conductive Upbringing in America.


Happy holidays!


Kasey Gray, American conductor -

Susie Mallett January 3rd 2009 - Calling conductor Kasey -

1 comment:

Kasey Gray said...

Thanks, Susie! Actually, I almost called my blog "Calling Conductor Kasey".

"Conductive Upbringing in America"...sounds like a title for an upcoming post...