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Saturday 2 May 2009

Peg of my heart!

Weekend activities in Norfolk, UK

I just received mail from home. Actually the mail was not a letter it was twenty photographs of this weekend's activities. Above are some of them.

My marvellous Dad was out and about on the Norfolk coast talking to the seals. He took the lovely photo of the baby seal with his new digi-camera.

My sister and my niece were walking somewhere in Norfolk too, they were raising money for cancer research. My lovely Mum and I were with them in spirit and so it seems were her pegs attaching the messages to the fence.


5Km walk -

Pegs! - My Mum used pegs for everything, below is a sentence from the posting I wrote about her last July.
"We took single flowers for family and friends to peg onto their clothes."

"Peg o my Heart" - Dad's favourite song which he used to sing to my Mum

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