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Thursday 21 May 2009

The Conductive Education Children’s Library?

On your marks!
Get set!
May 18th 2009

Gill Maguire has left a lovely comment on my posting about Knautschi the Caterpillar,

She asked me if I know about the book The Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle, 1969. She has even given me a reference for it.
Thank you Gill.

The book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar was, and I believe still is, very popular in England. I remember it well from the bookshelves at my sister’s house in the 1980s, her children loved it and so did I.

Its that synchro - thing again

Only yesterday I went into the Kindergarten group to collect a child to come to work on my latest project. A child who had not yet met Knautschi. I met her coming towards me with a book in her hands. Yes, you’ve guessed it, it was Die Kleine Raupe Nimmersatt, (The Small Insatiable Caterpillar)!

It is popular here in Germany too!

A few years ago a puppet theatre put on a wonderful performance of Die Kliene Raupe Nimmersatt for our “Petö” children and their families. There were a great many adults enjoying themselves too.

And it seems that Gill is a children’s librarian too!

So conductors take note for when you are searching for that elusive book that will add just a little bit extra to next week’s curriculum, Gill could be your man!


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Gillian Maguire said...

I started my career as a children's librarian, Susie, thoiugh that was a long time ago!