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Friday 3 April 2009

Teeing off!

A bit of fun in Canada, 1997

Something to bring a tear to anybody's eye, it did to mine:

Thank you to Kate Fruck for telling us about this short film on her latest posting. Certainly an inspiration to us all, an invitation to get out there and go after what ever it is we dream of.

3 comments: said...

I have not visited your blog for some time...
This is kind of surprise to me. I thought that most conductors quickly forgot their "clients". I am sure some will never forget…Jerry
Thanks for posting this pictures. Great memories!
Happy Easter! From all of us…Maslanka’s

Susie Mallett said...

Happy Easter to you all.
Yes, I have many good memories too, thanks to you all for helping to make them.
Not only memories, it was one of the few experiences I have had of CE in English and I learnt a lot in my short time in Canada.
Nice to have you back reading my blog,your absence was noticed by your missing dot.
Susie said...

It was interesting to see my teenage son watching and commenting on this video.
For sure it does not share the the wisdom of people who are truly marketing only the charitable organizations …as in “Charity” Hirst’s arts sculpture… the collecting box is shown broken open and empty.
It happened that I invited to my son school a person from Calgary with CP. He is a motivation speaker. My son was lucky because he give us a brake on his speech. The sale price was $400 instead $800 per hour...