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Tuesday 9 December 2008

All I want for Christmas…

Northern light , December 2008 by Susie Mallett

I just published my only wish for Christmas, my hundredth posting on my blog.

The "Oscar" acceptance speech

Thank you for the present,

Thank you purple-spotters for reading,

Thank you to all my conductive teachers, colleagues and mentors for supporting,

Thank you to all my clients for inspiring.

Thank you too to Nick, my art teacher, 1975, for showing me how to draw and therefore how to keep my soul healthy.


All I want for Christmas is a hundred blogs!

The present


Judit Szathmáry said...

Dear Susie,
Congratulations. I loved the The "Oscar" acceptance speech . Please can we have more posting translated to English from Unfug der Krankheit-Triumph der Heilkunst, Dr.Med. Karl Otto Bärnklau, (Dr András Petö) Karl Schustek Verlag, Main, Hanau ?
My German is limited to only a few words and songs my grandmother thought me when I was a little girl, she spoke perfect German. That wouldn’t take me far in reading the book :).
Keep going girl; you are a head of us!

Here is a link to one of the most beautiful film’s Oscar’s acceptance speech 'Roberto Benigni goes wild at the Oscars®'.
The film is worthwhile watching. One of the best Foreign Language Films, 'Life is Beautiful'. It is available with English subtitles.
Round of applause to your 100th posting!
With Love, Judit

Kasey Gray said...

Congratulations, Susie! Keep writing! I really enjoy reading your blog.

(American-trained conductor working in the U.S.)

Susie Mallett said...

Thanks to these two purple spots for your lovely comments.
I will see what I can do about the "Angels and the Unfug". I won't be translating it but I will refer to it now and then.