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Wednesday 21 April 2010

A quick fix of England!

"Spring In England"

"Spring arriving in England"

"In the walled garden, weeding the asparagus"

" Somerton church"


" A fox skull found while gardening"

"Bishy barnie bees"

Getting high in the lowlands!

Just a few of my favourite things


Stiff sea breeze, a lazy wind we call it as it blows straight through us

Stones with holes around them

Cadburys mini-eggs, speckled like a blackbird’s, coloured like a rainbow

Gardening, more specifically weeding

My friendly robin

Hundreds of ladybirds, wallowing in the sunshine

Stroking the heads of frogs in the pond that is full of tiny tadpoles

Primroses in every crack in the pavements and peeping out from behind each stone

Sticky-buds and pussy-willows

Hot-cross buns

Speaking English, a funny English, a sort of drawl called "Norfick"

Flatness, meadows and marshes, cows, sheep and horses

Pigs, there are pigs-a-plenty in Norfolk, living outside in the fields too

A new born baby, and all the trimmngs

The steam trains of the Bure Valley Railway

Branston pickle and blue stilton cheese


Heritage British N-gauge as a present

Last but not least, perhaps the best bit of all:
Norfolk skies.

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