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Saturday 6 March 2010

Weather report!

"My friends on the balcony", March 6th, 2010

"Snow on the way", 5th March 2010

"Not a painting yet", 5th March 2010

"Walking home", 5th March 2010

That seems to be all that I have time for these days

Still no bike, but lots more snow, some of the best soft fluffly snow of the whole winter. It came after some gorgeous cold, very cold, sunny days, with the kind of skies that we have wished for the whole winter long.

In the past few days of snow-free earth I also I spied a centimetre or two of crocus green showing through in the front gardens between home and the tram stop.

Hope is in the air!

As well as some more snow.

One advantage of the snowy weather is thatI have no trouble deciding what clothes to wear. Ski trousers, long black coat and snow boots are the only option for me. It is the only way that I keep warm and stay on my feet.

The spring-green wool coat is back on the hanger for the next attempt at spring.

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