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Sunday 7 March 2010

With many thanks to helping hands

"Lightness in the darkness", by Susie Mallett, March 2010

Two years old today

At two years old one of my little clients would still be in the parent-and-child group with Mum, both of them learning together as they set off on their chosen conductive-upbringing path in life.

My blog and I have been learning just like that over the past two years. we have tentatively been moving on step by step, at times motivating ourselves but often very much appreciating the motivation provided by the group that we belong to: the conductive blogosphere group!

Without this group, making themselves known by the appearance of little purple dots on my map, by the occasional comments and by regular emails, I may not have reached almost four-hundred and forty postings in twenty-four months.

I must admit I was aiming for the five-hundred mark, but that's all right, aiming high is what I advise all my conductive families to do!

I am quite happy with my four-hundred-and-thirty-seven postings. I hope that my readers are happy too.


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Susie Mallett said...


I cannot get the link in this posting to work, although it is correct and you can always cut and paste it.


Kasey Gray said...

Congratulations, Susie! It has been such a pleasure to read along with you here. Keep on writing!

Susie Mallett said...

Thank you Kasey,

I don't think I could ever stop writing!

Thanks for reading.