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Tuesday 23 March 2010

Can any body help me?


As you will have seen I have been taking a writer's break over the last week, doing lots of painting instead. Yesterday I came back with a BANG and put up a long posting about theatre and laughter, in Germany, in cerebral palsy and in Conductive Education.

I loved doing it and it took me three hours but I made the dreadful mistake of writing it directly into Blogger!

Up it went into Cyberspace and off I went to bed, happier then I have been for ages with blogging!

My map and its little blue dots (you) show that you my readers soon spotted it and came to look. I do so hope that you enjoyed it too.

I have just discovered that it has vanished! It is simply not there, it is as if it had never been. I could scream, it's enough to put me off blogging for life. Even the title of the picture and the spelling mistakes have gone!

I have just one hope of getting it back and putting it up there again, that is if one of my readers for some reasons stored it to read later, and took a copy electronically or on paper.

If anyone can help me, please put a comment at the end of this posting, or email me at

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