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Friday 12 March 2010

Rejoicing about the bright side of life

Aimee, 10.03.10

A few days ago I read how Norman Perrin was resisting the temptation of rejoicing in the wonders of being a grandfather.

I wish that he hadn’t resisted. He rejoiced once before about this role that he so much enjoys and I had found it a joy to read.

I won’t ever be able to rejoice in the wonders of being a grandmother, as I do not have any children.

But my sister has two children, twins, and on 10.03.10 one of these, my nephew, became a Dad. That makes me a great-auntie and I find it exactly that, great!

I want to be just the sort of great-auntie that I had as a child. My Grandma had four sisters who were all really weird and wonderful, and all slightly loopy! That sound just about the role I might be able to fill without much practice!

You will have to excuse me if I do not resist the temptation as well as Norman did, and just now and then rejoice in this new role that I have been given.

It is a nice feeling to have a baby in the family again.

Great-granddad is of course as delighted as I am and was one of the first on the scene to see the few-hours-old Aimee. I shall have to make do, until I take a break from work, with lots of photos.

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Andrew said...

When I was a kid I used to read many things in books that were quite outside my personal experience. One of these alien concepts was 'great aunts'. They seemed usually to have names like Tabitha and very much to fit the sort of archetype that you describe above.

I am sure that in years to come you will wholly fit the bill.

You will need to get another hat.