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Monday 1 February 2010

This posting is for James, Blues's Dad

More toiletries, courtesy of Big Sis
Thank you... Sis for sending me not only a wonderful selection of photos of a small part of her toilet collection, but also for the parcel that was delivered this morning. The one that has been travelling by snail-mail since the first week of January and we has just about given up on!

The long-awaited tea bags finally reached their final destination. I was very much tempted to eat the surprise hot-cross bun that I discovered between the leaves, but I resisted. It was very stale having a eat-by-date of January 7th! Wherever has it been for a month?

Toilet tour

The first pictures in the series above show the ceramic toilet with flush that I created, with technical assistance from a friend, for Big Sis's forthieth birthday.
After the home-made flusher comes a picture of the toilet-seat mirror, complete with shelf, that we found for her here in Nürnberg. The history of the others I don't really know, some I have found at car-boot sales and in toyshops, and I think that the majority are presents from family and friends. I suspect that the po with the feather is from our Mum.

Perhaps there are more toiletries in store

I seem to remember that Andrew Sutton said in his "searching for the Gents" posting, that today is the day that he would be making a visit to the Palace of Westminster. The toilets of this building, he said, are familiar to him, no chance then, he thought, of getting lost and being bullied into thinking about who he is.

Andrew, I hope you behaved according to the Palace code and wore your badge for all and sundry to see, thus avoiding questioning your identity.


James Forliti - Blue's Dad. said...

Love it, Susie. Is this your collection?

Susie Mallett said...

The collection is my sister's.

My computer crashed and published the photos without the words.

A few late night words are now in place.

Glad you enjoyed the pics.

Andrew Sutton said...

No time for such self-indulgences. It is some time since I have been there, an the building as so many jolly memories for me and I wanted to wander round, to see what has changed and what remains the same (mostly the latter, of course!)

Perhaps after I have done the serious series on the future of 'SEN' I shall induge myself with a posting to mention them.

Incidentally, the only one related to your topic here concerns meeting Gerry Adams in the Lords' one. This was some time ago, during the Troubles. I did say that it is a civilised palce.

And yes, I did get a funny badge yesterday, which I kept safe in my pocket as I always do with such things.


Andrew said...

PS. A sell-by date of 7 January? In this weather. What sort of supersticious problem is that?

I hope that you haven't thrown them away. What a waste! They should toast up lovely, or help towards a nice trifle. At the very least put them out for the birds.


Susie Mallett said...

The hot-cross buns are still sitting, as hard as nails, on the kitchen table. I never throw anything away that quickly. I need time to consider alternative uses.

They smell OK but they are much too hard to cut to fit in the toaster.

If I put them out for the birds they would soon be even harder. It is still well below zero on my balcony.

Perhaps the answer is into the freezer with them until the big thaw takes place when they could make a very good Good Friday bird-breakfast.

Another option is letting them dry out completely alongside the doughnuts, bought in Feb.2009 to paint, that are still sitting on the sideboard.

The hot-cross buns(wholemeal) would be just about the right colour to be used, once dry, as rocks around the lighthouse in my model railway!

Wherever they end up first I will make a quick sketch this evening just for the record.

I look forward to reading "Toiletries from the Palace".