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Tuesday 23 February 2010

High, apple-pie hopes

"High Jinks", Christmas 1960 (That's me at the front on the left and big Sis at the other end of the table)


As CE Awareness Day approaches in North America, Thursday 25th February, there are Google- Alerts coming my way passing on news about this, and blog postings from Gill Maguire and Andrew Sutton passing some of this on to the rest of the conductive world.

Perhaps it is a good sign for the future that “American Conductor” Kasey is advertising this week for a conductor-colleague at last for her up-until-now one-man band in Ohio.

Well done Kasey!


I just got in from work and there was another CE Awareness Day alert for me to peruse with my cup of tea.

I didn’t get very far with reading this before I got diverted, I started humming a song in my head, an old favourite of mine from my childhood. My Dad would have had us all singing along to an old 45-rpm that we had.

This evening in the end I started singing out loud and I was so surprised that, at least forty years after last singing this song, I still know all the words!

What made me start singing?

This did. There in this Awareness Day news Brent Page, the Conductive Education Manager for March of Dimes Canada, was saying:

"It is our hope to expand CE to anyone in Toronto - and moreover, North America, who might be able to reap the benefits from it."

And what was it that I immediately began to hum and sing?

"High hopes, he’s got high hopes, he’s got high, apple-pie, in-the-sky hopes”

And I thought that he is going to need a hell of a lot of conductors to be able to achieve all of that. But you never know, maybe he will do it.

Anything is possible

I hope that he is successful. That ant and that ram with their dams, rubber-tree plants and their high hopes, both knew a thing or two about hard work and they also believed that anything is possible! That’s what conductive upbringing is all about isn’t, high hopes? Lifting that chin up from the ground and moving mountains, believing that anything is possible? That is just what my stroke group was talking about today, walking tall and hoping high, finding the way to make everything possible. Best wishes over the waters for a successful CE Thursday



Sing-along-a Frank Sinatra and friends -


Just as I was posting this, in came another alert from Canada -

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