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Saturday 13 February 2010

Snow, snow go away!

"Spring sprung!"

I was in England last weekend. That is why I have such a back-log of blog postings to write. It was such a short, flying-visit but in the short time that I was there I met a lot of old friends and took a lot of rides down Memory Lane.

The friends are not old as in ancient but old in that I have known them for more than thirty years. As most of us hadn't seen each other for twenty-five years we did actually begin to feel ancient, although none of us really looked it.

We had all been friends in our hippy, post-artschool and university years. Most of us had not changed at all, except for the colour of the hair and, oh yes, and we all now have jobs. The long hair and the beards, the guitars and the paint brushes are still all there too!

Another funeral

Yes, I was home in UK for another funeral. The mother of a huge family that I has gradually met one by one beginning in 1976, died at the grand old age of ninety-five.

It was amazing how many of those "young" people turned up to say a last farewell to that wonderful lady who had covered the table with food, fun and laughter every Friday evening when the crowd all met up for the weekend.

What a feat that was: she had got us all together once again after all those years. We thanked her once more for caring for us all.

The funeral had taken place on Thursday afternoon so I had the three days afterwards to enjoy England.

A pleasant land

England wasn't particularly green but it certainly was very pleasant.

It wasn't white like the Germany that I had left and the temperature was well above zero. I didn't need my snow boots or my ski trousers, although I still wore my gloves.

In the churchyard before the funeral service I even found some signs of spring: snowdrops and bird song, it was magic.

In Germany today the icicles are forming again on the eaves. The streets, even in the city, are still white with thick snow. It all looks chocolate-box pretty, just as the snowdrops did, but I have had enough of being cold.

I long to shread a few layers, to see the sun again and feel its warmth on my skin.

I am so glad that last weekend I got a peek of the spring that is certain to come to us too.

Hopefully soon.

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