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Friday 19 February 2010

Just a little bit spleenful and very scandalous

Spleenwort, Asplenium bulbiferum,
by Susie Mallett, New Zealand 2006

I am not the only one venting my spleen today.

I think that I am also not the only one who misread the “Speleen test” as the spleen test (see the notes at the bottom of Andrew Sutton's posting on the same subject).

I read James Forliti’s posting of the day after I finished work this morning.

I was planning to write a comment in my head, or in my note book on the tram home. Unfortunately I had my latest reading book in my pocket and got so engrossed that I forgot to think about the comment, and I nearly missed the tram stop too. Probably just as well that I read and didn’t ponder on the posting as I would have arrived home bald, having torn my hair out.

When I read about the day that James’ son Blue had at school how I wished that there was not thousands of miles and a vast ocean between Nürnberg and BC.

Yes I did at first glance read spleen in the title of this posting and it wasn’t until I read about the spelling test that I realised my error. But I had already by this point started venting mine and was determined to find out what else the dictionary had to say about spleenish behaviour.

Because I was sure it was exactly the word needed in this instance.

The spleen used to be considered as the organ in the body that is the seat of emotion. If people are spleenful they are irritable.

I bet that day at school made Blue pretty irritable, it certainly quite rightly got his dad’s back up. Lets hope that both have still got hair.


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