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Sunday 18 December 2011

Something from the BBC for the fourth Advent Sunday and a couple of Bits-in-Between for conductors!

Children-in-Need star stand, Nürnberg
16th December, 2011

A bit of rap

It made me smile out loud!

A bit of sparkle

On Friday evening I was working, as I have done for the past ten years, on the stand selling hand-made stars for child's charities. 

Gale-force winds were forecast, at midday the  city council were considering closing the Christmas Market in fear that it would be blown away. It stayed open and it rained a lot, but the wind never came. The people did not come either kept away by the storm warnings.

It was s till fun and despite the awful weather the takings for the various charities was on its way to two thousand Euros for the day. 

And a sprinkling of snow

We could have done with the icing sugar snow on Friday evening to create a romantic atmosphere to attract the visitors, instead we have it today while put the finishing touches to the Christmas cards  beside the now four candles and decorate my tree.

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