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Monday 12 December 2011


Germany is getting on with it!

Many people are out on pre-Christmas shopping sprees spending what seems like lots of money. Others, or maybe the same people, are eating highly priced sausages and drinking over-priced not-so-soothing, mulled-wine at the Christmas Markets, and to top it all the new underground station at the end of my street is celebrating the opening of un-manned underground extension with a bit of a party.

Life in Germany goes on, in fact everyone seems to be happy that Angela M. is taking control and at least giving the impression that she is sorting things out so that the folk can get on with Christmas. 

I wonder whether this optimism is wise, but I too prefer to bury my head in the sand and get on with making Christmas Cards and preparing for the annual marzipan-sweets-creating marathon and hope for the best!

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Andrew said...

You wonder whether it is wise...

Where ignorance is bliss
'tis folly to be wise

My view for the moment?!/

Fear the worst and, whatever happens, you can but be pleasantly surprised