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Monday 5 December 2011

CE books in China

"The Big Buddha"

One year to the day and still enjoying the excitement

One year ago today I was in Hong Kong for the 7th World Congress on Conductive Education.

During the months before the congress I worked very hard to prepare my first book so that it could be launched there. It was launched and was well received. You can read about it here:

I have been working on books Two, Three and Four all this year but none of these had reached the printing press, until today.

It was just a nice coincidence that this morning, on the anniversary of Hong Kong 2010, I had a meeting with the designer of that first book to discuss the second in the series. This will be a joint project with one of my clients and we hope it will be in print ready to be launched at a conference in Germany, in March 2012.

I just arrived back home from that meeting to discover, amongst my emails, that yet another book story. 

Another book is about to be launched!

Last year when I was in Hong Kong I was approached by SAHK (formerly the Spastic Society of Hong Kong) in regards to translating my first book into Chinese. We made plans.

I heard today that the translation is finished, a preface has been written and the book is in print, ready to be launched and distributed at a conference in Shanghai that begins on 26th December.

As I said the excitement of my trip to Hong Kong just goes on and on and on!

I wish I could be in Shanghai to see the launch of that Chinese version of Book One. I am relying on others to send me a photograph or two for my blog!

With many thanks to Ivan for making my day today!

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