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Friday 9 September 2011

Hajni Kele uses the creative component of her personality to produce small works of art

""A snippet of life" by Susie Mallett, 2010

Keeping the conductive soul healthy
Hajni told me that:  " ’Creativity’ is a crucial composition of a conductor’s personality!”
She is absolutely right of course, and for many conductors that creativity does not end with conducting.
Some conductors sing or play instruments in bands, choirs and orchestras,  some play football or rugby, ride bikes or do yoga, some are creative mums or dads, and others are arty-crafty, like me,  painting, sculpting and making things.
Csillagos ötös
Hajni Kele, a conductor living in Ireland, makes soap, absolutely beautiful soap.
Hajni says that she has been making soap for eight years and has now got them down to a T. I think that this is bit of an  understatement. Hajni’s soaps are gorgeous and so is her Website. What is more I am sure that AP would have approved of her opening sentence on that soapy site:
“What soap is to the body, laughter is for the soul”
What is more, there are other people who have something good to say about Hajni’s soaps: Read the testimonials on her website, and especially this review from a soap expert, who gives her a score of 9.4 out of 10 on the soap-test scale. That must be a csillagos ötös!
Christmas is coming!
It cannot be far away as I noticed that there are already selection-boxes available on the supermarket shelves. However, if Christmas really is too far away for some of you to start thinking about presents then what about treating yourself to some soapy, soul-food.
Myself, I think they look like paintings of the Irish landscape and I will be choosing a selection. They will be perect presents to accompany my own watercolour birthday cards.
Take a look and decide for yourselves:
Are there any other conductors out there using that “crucial component of a conductor’s personality” - creativity - to create more beautiful products?
Please do not keep quiet about it, let us all enjoy whatever it is that you create.

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