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Sunday 11 September 2011

Big trucks or motorbikes

Nürnberg, September 2008, triking with a client

I think it matters not to children, disabled or not, whether they travel in a trike, a truck or on a motorbike. 
What they enjoy is a having a bit of spice put into their lives just as I did when a client asked me to join him when the trikers came to the centre where he lived..
This spice is injected into the every day life of many disabled people by giving them the opportunity to do something just a bit out of the ordinary, experiencing something that all children, young and old, would just love to do.
It happens everywhere!

From Norwich to Nürnberg and on to Budapest
In October we see the return of the trikes and bikes with sidecars in Nürnberg, see me on a trike in the photograph above. Two weeks ago in Norwich there were the East Coast Truckers taking our local children with disabilities for a ride in the trucks for a day out at the seaside. In Budapest there are the champion-bikers. It seem like a good time was had by all there too.
See for yourself and hear conductor Makk Ádám and some of the children commentating here:

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