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Friday 22 April 2011

Multiple sclerosis and conduction

"A very keen trainee condcutor",
September 1989
I had just arrived in Budapest

If you have never seen conductive groups for clients with multiple sclerosis then take a look at my friend Urban Judit in action in this video. I do not have time at the moment to translate what she is saying in the interview maybe I can do it in my Easter-break.

I found this interview and film on the Petö Institute’s Facebook page which is a mine of really interesting information. Take a look.

Thank you to whoever it is who puts that Facebook page together, there is a lot of valuable information here that I hope it is all being archived in the Library for use in the future and to make searching easier for all interested parties out in the conductive world.


Petö Intezet on Facebook -!/pages/Pet%C5%91-Int%C3%A9zet/164626920246313

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