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Sunday 24 April 2011

Looking after our bodily-souls

"Happy Easter"
by Susie Mallett, 20st April 2011

I am sure AP would have approved!

I look after my bodily-soul on my bike and sometimes in the swimming pool. Occasionally I even have a series of massages and physiotherapy and when I am with my Dad I treat my body’s soul in his lovely garden.

Conductors from the Petö Institute are trying out different things to do something good for their bodies‘ souls in various groups as described here:

I know that some conductors attend yoga classes and that others go to training studios. There are conductors who are also yoga instructors or personal trainers and they combine their different skills in their work, in the way that I include my training as an art therapist and art teacher in mine. Perhaps they too use these skills after work too, to balance the souls of their bodies, as I use my art skills for my own personal health.

My body's soul I care for with my bike and my soul‘s soul with my art and other bits-in-between-for-conductors.

I wonder what others do.

Most of us work alone or in very small groups. We have at one time had eight conductors working in the centre here in Nürnberg and we managed occassionally to get two or three of us together at one time to do some classes together balancing the souls of our body through physical activity motivating each other by working in a group.

It must be rather nice to work towards balancing the body and soul with a large number of conductors in classes like those described in this article.

Conductors in a group balancing the bodily-soul, I think it is something that András Petö would have approved of.

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