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Sunday 8 November 2009

Ladies of the day

"Ladies day out" - my Grandma surrounded by her sisters

Woman of the Match

For me the most inspiring female speaker at the congress was the occupational therapist and PtK, Gabi Sosic (pronounced almost the same as the English 'sausage'), who discovered Conductive Education a few years ago and then went on to do the PtK course in Munich.

She is an actress too and at the congress in Munich in October 2008 she was part of the after- dinner entertainment show. With a couple of friends she presented us with some brilliant improvised theatre. I learnt today that she does drama with her pupils at Phoenix.

I spoke to Gabi today at the meeting of the Association for Conductors working in Germany. I just had to tell her how for me she was the Woman of the Match, because I really got to feel the conductive soul through her words, from the enthusiasm with which she spoke and the stories that she told of her work.

I could hear that just like me she is begeistert by her work. Passionate, inspired, thrilled by it.

I have given her my email address and the URL for my blog. I am hoping that she will contact me. I am actually hoping that she will look at my blog and then send me her presentation to post here and allow me to translate it.

Just one conductor, but a good'un

In the end the Congress wasn’t the disaster I thought it would be for not having more than justone conductor up on the podium.

This conductor did her job very well, especiallyconsidering the pressure that she felt she was under. She described her work in the integrated Kindergarten, and our work in the intensive conductive blocks with the integrated children. She showed a few pictures of us all having fun.

She also included references to the words of some of the other speakers. Reinforcing what Dr Moll had said about the need to provide the optimal environment for all our children to excel in, she also explained to the many laypeople in the audience that conductive upbringing can take place anywhere and everywhere and conductors and parents do not need a plinth in order to do this.


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