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Saturday 21 November 2009

Altendorf in October

I have been asked about the picture that headed the last posting so I thought that I should explain, and show a few more examples of the handiwork of the locals in Altendorf.

Altendorf is in Franken, near Bamberg, Bavaria. It is a tiny place where on the first weekend of October the streets are buzzing with visitors. Thousands descend on the place and wander in and out of the tiny farmyards to look at displays of pumpkins in their many shapes and sizes. The visitors feast their eyes on the funny scenarios, drink gluh Wein and/or beer, and taste the many delicacies made from different kinds of pumpkin.

Apparently pumpkins have been grown in the area for many years, even back in the Middle Ages but an increase in the local harvest in the second half of the last century must be due to the many Americans dwelling in the area.

If viewing my photographs of the Fest in Altendorf is not enough, then check out some more on the links below.


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