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Thursday 12 March 2009

You’re the tops!

My top collection, 2nd March 2009

Grandparents, they are so valuable to so many families.

This is a short posting just to show how the whole family learn from each other. To show how Grandparents can practise their own fine motor skills and at the same time become motivators, facilitators even become “conductors”.

We had my whole collection of spinning tops on the living room table as a special request from Granddad, who had so enjoyed playing with the few I had taken with me the week before. Motivated by his grandparents' enthusiasm my young client learnt how to spin many of the smaller tops that he, just last week, had refused to even take in his hand.

The grandparents were so excited by the “newly” discovered activity that they took the whole collection home (upstairs) on two evenings in order to “spin” some more on their own.

Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

Grandma came with great pleasure and pride to tell us that she had learnt some new spinning top tricks, which of course in turn motivated my client to have another go at spinning the more difficult ones.

Sometimes, no, I should say very often, my work is delightful, I teach not only the child but the whole family so they in turn teach each other and the child. I find it particularly rewarding when it is the grandparents who are learning new tricks and I love to take a step back to watch the knock on effect in action.


You’re the top -

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