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Sunday 1 March 2009

The collective conductive Seele/soul

When weapons speak, silent fall the Muses
by Susie Mallett, 1st March 2009

Hidden treasure

I was searching through my blog postings yesterday, looking for something I was certain was there. I did not find what I wanted but, as always when I read my blog, something I often do to look for threads to pick up on or for hidden treasures that I have forgotten about, I got stuck on my all-time favourite.
The first piece of “real writing” I produced and something which crops up again and again in my life.

Yes, I re-read “The conductive Seele

This subject had been rolling around in my head for many years, I had spoken about it in a presentation here in Germany in 2002 and I have since talked to colleagues and clients about it. Not many of these people, most of them involved in Conductive Education, really understood what I meant. Difficult for everyone, as sometimes neither did I because for a long time I couldn't state it concrete terms.

A united front

I was eventually inspired to write it all down in 2007 when, with a German NICE conductor, I visited a German family who had just discovered Conductive Education. This family was searching for more information and advice on now to continue in a conductive upbringing, Raphaela and I arranged a visit which turned out to be highly successful.

The father of the family suddenly said, “There is always something special hanging in the air when conductors are about, what is this?”. We (the two conductors) looked at each other and in unison replied “ Perhaps it’s the conductive Seele at work”. The father agreed immediately and a discussion about this ensued.


That was the first time hat a parent had talked to me so openly about this phenomenon, many speak to me about new-found hope and about the happiness in the groups, but there had never been a conversation specifically about the soul.

Yesterday I also read through the list in my posting of German uses of the word Seele/soul and I picked up on this one: “Die Seele aus dem Leib husten” – to cough the soul out of one’s body (to cough one’s guts up).

It expresses what I appear to have been doing for the past two weeks, coughing up my soul! Perhaps not actually coughing up my soul but getting something off my chest. While coughing and feeling poorly I was alsotaking it easy as much as I could, to clear a 'weight off my chest' and make my soul lighter.

Why did I really get attracted back to this posting, about the conductive Seele? Why did I think about clearing a weight in order to expose, free up, my Seele?

It was because I had asked myself and also one of my friends, “Why is it only when there is trouble on the horizon, when someone or something is in need of help, care and understanding, that the collective conductive Seele is so visible? There they are up front for all to see, those who are brave enough to expose their souls.

Do not misunderstand me. I think it is wonderful to see all the comments on Gill’s blog and on mine and on many others, to hear that “Facebook” is spreading information and support too. Cyberspace is “full” of conductive souls expressing their concern and exposing themselves just a little to show that they care, it is a reaction beyond my expectations It pleases me, and I expect many others, very much.


Where are these voices, this band of people, at other times?

The conductive world could do with this strength and this level of communication all the time, not only in a crisis.

Now we do have a crisis, so

Keep the collective voice loud and strong, keep on with the discussion, keep clearing the weight off your chest, keep freeing your souls.

Do not cool off until we have found a solution.


It is with thanks to Emma McDowell (comment 8 on "Save our Souls") that I have the title for this posting. I just can not find any paintings or drawings to express my feelings at the moment and Emma’s words express them so well, thank you for inspiring me to draw this title.

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