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Saturday 7 March 2009

Three problems
a petition

Here's a problem

I am one of many people who have been giving papers and articles that I come across about Conductive Education free to the Library for many years.

Now I am not so silly as to want these back but I have already got another little pile that has been building and I know at least one other person in the same position. These things are in German and Hungarian. I also have a load of archival material.

I have been looking at the wonderful little messages on Rony Schenker’s petition and there is a very good one at “number 93” from Ros Clayton, who states “ Surely without a librarian, the contents of the library will stop at 2009, and any future relevant publications etc. will not be available to those who need them.”

So here we have a problem.

We have people collecting materials for a library that cannot receive them.

And here's another one

This week I have run into another little problem it might be very little to me and it might not mean much for the Foundation. Twice I have wanted to know something and I know I that would have got the answers form Gill in seconds. My little queries may not be so important in the great scheme of things, but they are often important to families I work with.

What happens to the “evidence-based research” which I keep hearing about when researchers have no where to turn for basic information.

And what should I do about this?

Last Sunday I wrote to the Foundation for Conductive Education, as a Member, asking what plans they have for the Library. It is now the end of the week and I still have not received a reply and I don’t think that bodes very well for the future!

The Petition

Go and read the petition and what people are saying. Isn’t it wonderful to see how many people understand the value of knowledge. I joined the Foundation as a Member when I qualified as a conductor at the Petö Institute. I did this because I knew that the Foundation’s charter said that it is there for the “knowledge” of Conductive Education.

If you feel that Conductive Education still needs a knowledge organisation in 2009 please don’t just sit there, read the petition, and sign it:

It's YOUR problem too!


Susie Mallett said...

Dear Susie, Well I don't know what happened when I signed the petition - I wrote something really good in the comments but it does not appear to have come up! But my name is there anyway. Mary

Dear Mary, My comment didn’t appear either. Out of interest tell me sometime what you wrote. Susie

Dear Susie, Now I think it went something like this: “Education and knowledge are the foundation for people's growth. To close the National Library is unfeeling and takes away their right to learn, grow and discover.” I might have missed off a few extra words!

Dear Mary, I can’t get into the petition to put your great comment in but I would like to use it as a comment on my blog. Is this OK ?

Dear Susie, Love you to use the words. Mary (“Knightsrider”)

Dear Everyone, If you have a great comment and you can’t post it, just let me know if you‘d like it posted here. In English. Deutsch or Magyarul. My email as at the top of my blog. Susie

Anonymous said...

Wonder, two weeks after your letter to the FCE have you received a reply yet? Please share!

Anonymous said...

Actually, it's only twelve days. That would be considered a very long time to reply to a formal business letter in Germany but I think that things in England have become very free and easy now.

I wrote in an email but maybe the reply is coming snail mail (aber die Snailen aus England sind normaleweisse sehr schnell!).

I can wait.