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Monday 2 March 2009

Calling all good souls

Just five minutes
of your time


A public petition. That it should have come to this, the cause, the crusade that I joined all those years ago, and all the blood, toil, sweat and tears that have been shed by so many people over all the the years since.

Well, come to it, it has, so now is the time for all good souls to come to the aid of the party.

Here is the message I got earlier today.

Please circulate this to people that you know and on any databases that you have, asking them to sign it.

From: Rony Schenker
Sent: 02 March 2009 17:16

Just published and already signatures appear on the screen...


Rony, is by the way, a lady, one of those that I admire. I have read about what Tsad Kadima does in Israel to make sure that "Conductive Education" means much more than just a bit of conductive pedagogy here and there in a child's life, but real conductive upbringing, shot through with "soul" for families and children, for as long as it takes. It certainly makes what I do look very small in comparison.

In November 2008 when I met Rony personally in Budapest she was interesting, poised, warm and human, a conductive soul. We need more people like that in charge of Conductive Education.

Thanks Rony for your Petition, it is an example, I can imagine, of how you always work, with intellect, well organised plus heart and soul!

A full heart

I'm just a little bit proud that my blog was the very first to draw attention to what has happened to Gill and the terrible risk of losing the Library. Not too proud because I know that other people would have soon been out protesting anyway whatever I did, there is that much feeling around.

Just reading all the things that have been written has been terribly emotional and in several places I just sat and cried, for Gill and for all the changes that all this symbolises is happening in my beloved Conductive Education. Who is making these decisions? Where is it all being steered? Over the week end I just had to write direct to the Foundation to ask what is going on there.

What would my beloved teacher in Budapest have thought of all this? The very thought is enough to make anyone who knew her cry. I don't even want to menton her name here.

Now I'm all played out.

Doing my own bit of conductive upbringing is being exhausting enough, though it's working (like it does) and I'd like to blog on this, fingers crossed, in happier times. I know that conductive upbringing needs total emotional commitment, and I'm not complaining, but I don't need all this extra drain on my "conductive soul" when it's already fully tied up in what I am supposed to be doing.

Nor do any conductors.

Sign, sign, sign

But I do have the energy to sign Rony's petition and over the next couple of days I shall find a bit of time to contact all the good souls I know in Germany, Hungary and around the world and ask them to do the same, and then to pass it on.

Just look at the signatures building up there, read the comments people are leaving, sign it yourself and then email it to a friend. At the moment it won't take more than five minutes of your time, even if you read every message (I know, I timed it!) but I hope that it will soon take longer as the list grows!

Soon I hope my blog will be back to normal with pretty pictures and joyful conductive activities, with no more ugly black political headlines. EVER. For the time being though, do please keep your comments coming in. I feel a little proud as well that you have expressed such heartfelt opinions here.

But above all, sign Rony's Petition and get other people to do the same. We all owe that much to Gill and Conductive Education.


"Save our Library"

"Following the decision of the Foundation for Conductive Education to make redundant the post of Librarian at the National Library of Conductive Education, we the undersigned respectively and most urgently request that the Foundation for Conductive Education take all necessary steps to ensure that the functions and services of the National Library of Conductive Education should continue and develop, to the benefit of the whole international conductive community "

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